She invited me home to picture me , i pictured her as well with my Blakberry , as a memory for the unforgettable day that i spend with her .
Nicole is very attaching person . Her way to shoot is , i can tell , very sexy .

she received me dawn in her Korpus 3 building , i was going out of my car and i was like : "waw" she's amazing in real ))

She gaved me some clothes to wear, the same clothes that every body wear on her shootings , a kind of apartenance to a private club , Demeshik club, we all was once in the same clothes .
Than she started shooting me .. ya ..good..;aaaaaa...moree..Omik don't move ..ohh god ..mmmmmm..yessss ....

it was so exiting being with her , seing her , her body ..that i tried to look out of the window from time to time .. to calm myself

Than we wanted to eat , we went to her kichen , and she tried to clean some dishes , while i opened her frigo to see what we can eat :

but the Frigo was almost empty :

So i proposed to her to take my car , and i asked my driver to find a supermarket arround , it was like in the back yard , so we did a big food shooping , Nicole tooks every things she wanted too , and we camed back to her flat happy

After that , Nicole started working on my pictures

and here is some result of that incredible day

Later we went together to Chapurine Fashion Show with Ksjusha Benucci , and than direction the famous Sushi Bar of the Hotel where i was staying in Moscow , the Ritz , with a view on the Red Square

After eating , and for the happy end , we went to the SPA

Happy End.

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Agree Katja ))
So much fun to read it )))

Katja Iggy said:
Great article, Omar )))

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