Everybody can visit us on All About Models , can wach the vidéos , have a look on the members , the pictures. But only 500 members exclusevly from Fashion industry can write comments and particpate to our social Network .
Already more than 1 million pages the last month was open , and people come from all over the planet . Here is a screen shot of our visitors , for what i can see daily , as the creature of this website , via google earth for the last 24 hours . The blue stars are the vistors how did visit the last 24 hours and the red Stars are the activ visitors at the moment when i did the sceen shot .

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hahahaaa... Which star is me???? LOL

you are THE STAR =)

wow! that's impressing!

so many...OMMGG!!!!!!!

AAM is conquering the whole world! Like iPad ))))

Congrats guys ! AAM is globally known and that's coz' of its amazing members and staff !
I think one star is missing and it's in the moon, it'll be very soon though ! =D

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