Models if You go to Malaysia,Please becareful with Base Model Management!

Hello Everyone,I got a problem in my modelling life,please if you have time read my story until the end.Thank you so much!!!
It is disgraceful that the agency does not make a Working Permit Visa and does not pay the money to MODELS!

Hello, it would like to write to you about my situation that happened not long time ago. I am a model who travels around the world since 2004 and I have never had such problems as the agency in Malaysia-Base Model Management. No it was not my first trip to the Base Agency in Malaysia, originally I and my mother agency IMG FIGARO contracted Faces agency in 2008, but unfortunately after I left after about 2 years they broke up. At that time, when I was with the Faces, I met a wonderful person Azril, we became close friends and speak often. Then when I came back again in Malaysia, we have contracted with ML agency and then my good friend Azril told me he opened his agency Base Model Management. I thought about it and agreed with my mother agency, I want to sign contract with Base Model Management, not just to support a friend in starting a business, but also believe that they will have a thriving business, and they will increase as the first agency in Malaysia, because I great respect for this guy. Since 2011, I and my mother agency signed 5 contracts with Base Model Management, all was well, they comply with all the rules of the contract, made a working visa, paid the money and time it was a mutual respect to 5 (last) contract. Malaysia started having problems with visas for models, Base told me about it, but Azril told me not to worry and that I have already purchased a visa for 3 months. This started many lies, no longer answer the phone, boss of Base agency Azril traveled to Europe for shopping branded items. But I am worried only for my passport which they did not give me and constantly lied, that simply cannot put a sticker with a visa inside of my passport. Again calmed and said that the visa I already have and I was worked a lot from them with out any visa(even didn’t know about it).At work, a lot of client asking why Azril often was not to respond to e-mails and phone calls? When they wrote about me they knew that my full time 8:00 hours + with extra time,Azril was sending them CompCards,but not mine. It takes about 3 months from the time when Base lied that a work visa. I got a call in October 2012, they told me to come to the agency, I came Azril I gave my passport when I opened it and could not find my work visa, I asked Azril-"where is my visa?" To which he replied, "I know you are very disappointed for you, but do not forget you have a job tomorrow”. I was shocked, because the fact that I have a visa expired and I am in Malaysia illegally for 3 month ! I headmistress and my mother agency (because I could not go to the immigration service itself, I would be immediately deported, no questions asked) got a lot of problems, and the Base Model Management did not even ask how are our things are going or can he help with some-thing. And this I finished my contract (it was until November 27.2012 for which the Base Model Management paid me 5,000 Malaysian money, it is a prerequisite of the contract, and the remaining money needed to pay after 60 days, my mother agency), not legally, I went to work and the castings! Thank God that everything was decided migratory service safely and chief immigration service has given me permission to travel document from the country without deportation and black list at any time I can go back to Malaysia again. I went back to Malaysia to rest,see my friends and family and found out that Base Model Management has not paid me my money, do not answer the phone, do not respond to e-mail the letter, and in any way it is impossible to meet with the director Azril Base Model Management. Please be careful and cautious with this agency because they do not follow the rules of the contract, they lie and cheat, there is not quite respect, it is immoral on their part and cowardly: (. And of course very difficult and sad losing friends, and especially like that knowing that you have used and stuck in the back even after a time I found new customers and connects all customers who wish to work with me.
P.S. Now I also received a message from them threats. Last message was from Mona, as a manager and sister Azril.
Please becareful with this agency models and mother-agencies!!!I don't want If somebody will have a problem like me:(And I know is really big problem special in Asia:(

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Thank you for this article!

One our model came back from Malaysia (Base) about 3 month ago and had absolutely no problem with money issue. And we also got our mother agency commission on time, accurately and without any delays. So i guess it depends

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