in this topic we'll be sharing models personal outfits out of their work on runaways, photo-shoots etc ...

I'll start by posting Anja and Abbey street style picture in NYC, I find both of them stylish especially Abbey, Anja's outfits are amazing too but I love Abbey's one because it's more sophisticated !! =)

source : altamiranyc

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Allegra ,you're a genius .. i like this topic a lot ))
Maria I'm glad you like don't hesitate to post pictures =) look forward !
Martha Streck's street style

I think that she's one of these models that dare the very stylish clothes, I find her outfits great and she really knows how to dress herself and keeping her simple and cute attitude !

source : altamiranyc
Frida Gustavsson

source : altamiranyc
Anais Pouliot , I really like her outfits a lot !

Constance Jablonski

source : altamiranyc
totally agree with you sandy !
I love models street style! :D

Nimuë Smit
I love to wear simple Evening Gowns or Short Beaded Dresses having leather jacket on that .It looks so cool.

Shanina Shaik

Anais Mali

Sui He

Carolina Thaler

Lina Zhang

bonae l'amour

caroline brasch nielsen

maud welzen

Ashleigh Good & Kremi Otashliyska

Maja Salamon

Hanne Gaby

Kati Nescher

Anna Selezneva / Mila Krasnoiarova

Ava Smith

Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Catherine McNeil

Zuzanna Bijoch

Mijo Mihaljcic

Karo Mrozkova

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