Summer Model Job at Capri / Itali : June - July and Auguste.


 for June-July and August :

Human Resources Responsible of an important Brand needs 2/3 nordic models (beautiful,  and tall),  that want  to live a great job experience on the beautiful island of Capri during this summer 2013.


The  job would simply consist in wearing our clothes and walking through the  typical streets and neighborhoods of Capri’s island, to advertise and promote our brand.

They offer apartment, travel expenses, and salary, of course.

models just would go around wearing our dresses.
the girls would work just  4 hours per day, they wouldn’t work by night.
They would live in a beautiful apartment in Capri and the store managers would take care of them.
The store managers usually dress the models before let them go walking on the streets (showroom activity) of the island to show everybody the brand . They usually organize this kind of add activity in Miami and Los Angeles.

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May i know the exact date of travel, duration of the job (How many month, how many working days a week) , and the salary please. Thank you

Hello Tony,

as always you correct me ))))
it's for June, July and August .
the salary is not dicided yet.

i can go Omario.

Diana , it will be good if you travel with the models to Capri .

I am valable on July and August . is that OK ?

Can I go , Omario?
This sounds great! I would love the opportunity.

Alica , Anna and Anastasia, do you have visa ? could you please upload your new pictures ?

I'd like to go. waiting for the details of schedule and salary.

I'm free and I'm from Italy ( Milan ) :)

ok Anna

Anna Cosmo said:

I'd like to go. waiting for the details of schedule and salary.

i got it Elisa.

elisa fili said:

I'm free and I'm from Italy ( Milan ) :)

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